Hydromission Sdn Bhd (535368-U)

Hydromission Sdn Bhd is playing its major role in laboratories analysis activities in Malaysia.

Our laboratory is staffed with professional chemists and microbiologists with considerable knowledge and experience in analytical testing.

We are pride ourselves on offering professional, quality and value analysis testing service to our clients.

We promise to make working with clients to fulfill needs and expectation of them.


  • —Laboratory analysis for wastewater, cooling tower, boiler water, swimming pool water, domestic drinking water, river water, tubewell water etc.
  • —SEM-EDX method to determine the constituents of cooling tower scales, boiler scales, any solids or impurities present in the water or contamination of impurities in the products.
  • —Bacteriological examination of water, food & cosmetic samples.
  • —LegionellaPneumophila Test (LP Test) for cooling tower, water tank, water features, etc.
  • —Environmental Monitoring for air & noise.
  • —Isokenetic Stack & Gas Emission Monitoring for boiler chimney & generator set.
  • —Air scrubber monitoring.
  • —Compliance of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).


To be leading professional testing laboratory that provide technical solutions to our customers.


1. To provide accurate, reliable and timely testing services that constantly go beyond customer’s needs through continuously implementation of the latest technology for the improvement of performance.

2. To provide cost-efficient laboratory test and solutions to out clients’ inquiries through competent technical and excellent customer service.

3. To maintain laboratory service and staff committed with effectively tech the knowledge, attitude and skills.